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Title: Rules of the ABXY Linux Forum
Post by: ABXY Linux on December 17, 2015, 07:38:08 pm
Here at the ABXY Linux Forum, there are few rules. They are very important.

We do NOT tolerate (meaning your account will be deleted upon violation):
Posting inappropriate content (such as nudity)
Insulting somebody or leaving them out because of their religion, political views, sexual orientation, race, or nationality
Threatening another user will also cause instant termination and the possibility of bringing law enforcement into the situation.
Tricking another user into ruining their computer (such as saying "delete system32 to get rid of all viruses". This statement is false, as deleting system32 will destroy Windows.)

Some boards may have special rules for them. Be sure to read them when posting there. They are commonly called Information & Guidelines, Requirements, or something similar.

An offensive username will be changed.

All United States laws apply.

More rules will be added when needed or suggested.